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In The GTA 2018


Millennials from GTA fear they will never own a home

THE STAR – October 12, 2018

Canadian Home Construction Takes A Plunge In The Middle Of A Population Boom


Building a healthy supply of new housing will help increase affordability

THE STAR – October 5, 2018

94 per cent of GTA millennials worry young people won’t be able to afford a home, poll says

THE STAR – October 5, 2018

Poll: 94 per cent of GTA millennials concerned they won’t be able to buy home

CP24 – October 2, 2018

Housing costs are a top election issue in the GTA

THE STAR – September 28, 2018

Why prices of new homes may make buyers shudder

THE STAR – September 14, 2018

Cost of housing ranks alongside crime for GTA voters

Real Estate Professional Magazine – September 13, 2018

Cost of Housing a Key GTA Municipal Election Issue: Poll

INSAUGA.COM – September 12, 2018

High cost of housing top of mind for women, renters and millennial voters, poll says

THE STAR – September 12, 2018

Housing supply affects affordability in the GTA — not just demand

THE STAR – September 8, 2018

Home prices rise against tighter supply in August

THE STAR – September 6, 2018

Where did the money go? Parkland dedication fees should be used to build parks in GTA

THE STAR – August 31, 2018

Building highrises key to provincial growth plan, bad for traffic

THE STAR – August 24, 2018

BILD: Growing home renovation industry helps boost economy

TORONTO SUN – August 13, 2018

As steady renovation industry grows, it needs a standard of excellence

THE STAR – August 10, 2018

GTA traffic is in desperate need of a western transportation network

THE STAR – August 3, 2018

Why it is difficult to get on the housing ladder

THE STAR – July 27, 2018

Toronto has lots of room to grow. It’s time to let that happen

THE GLOBE AND MAIL – July 27, 2018

York Region is struggling to build for the future

THE STAR – July 21, 2018

Build more diverse housing options to meet demand, Ryerson action plan advises

THE STAR – July 17, 2018

Summer is the perfect time for home renovations

THE STAR – July 13, 2018

‘Market has bottomed out’: Housing prices in Toronto region set to climb again after brief slump

THE FINANCIAL POST – July 10, 2018

Real estate experts predict a return to normal for slumping GTA housing prices

THE STAR – July 10, 2018

Let’s build our way to affordable housing with the ‘missing middle’

THE STAR – July 6, 2018

Housing affordability at ‘crisis level’ in Canada’s most expensive market, say economists

CBC – July 3, 2018

Tight housing supply market a growing problem in the GTA

THE STAR – June 30, 2018

Keep some perspective about urban and suburban growth

THE STAR – June 23, 2018

Millennials and housing: ‘The kettle is close to boiling’

THE GLOBE AND MAIL – June 19, 2018

Ontario’s policy for reducing urban sprawl has come with pricey setbacks

THE STAR – June 16, 2018

How can Doug Ford fix Toronto-area housing?

THE STAR – June 15, 2018

Decline in Ontario home prices unlikely to persist: CMHC

THE GLOBE AND MAIL – June 14, 2018

Haunted by housing: Millennials let rip about their home ownership frustrations

THE GLOBE AND MAIL – June 12, 2018

Approval of laneway housing plan a small step toward addressing Toronto’s massive housing needs

THE STAR – June 10, 2018

Toronto drop drives Canadian housing starts to lowest in a year


Pace of new housing construction slows in May

MISSISSAUGA.COM – June 8, 2018

Coming to a laneway near you? Community council approves changes to housing policy

CBC – June 7, 2018

Rates, limited inventory blamed for lacklustre Toronto spring housing market

THE GLOBE AND MAIL – June 7, 2018

Even New Yorkers can’t afford a Toronto home

THE GLOBE AND MAIL – June 6, 2018

Shockingly high Toronto home prices making millennials’ hunt for housing a frustrating ordeal


GTA residents want next Ontario government to cut to land transfer tax as home sales fall 22%

THE GLOBE AND MAIL – June 4, 2018

GTA housing policies must focus on increasing supply

THE STAR – June 2, 2018

How various Ontarians are faring in the province’s housing market

CITYNEWS – May 31, 2018

OPINION: All three major parties ignore real solutions to Ontario’s housing crunch – Reduce housing costs by increasing supply of units

THE TORONTO SUN – May 31, 2018

Mayors are ignoring the one easy fix that can cool runaway housing markets

FINANCIAL POST – May 31, 2018

Report says supply, not taxes, needed to ease Vancouver’s housing crisis

THE GLOBE AND MAIL – May 31, 2018

High housing prices blight lives—and widen the inequality gap


In Toronto, a housing market ‘compressed and delayed’


Millennials live with parents longer due to lack of housing affordability: OREA

BNN Bloomberg – MAY 22, 2018

Why Toronto needs more townhouses

TVO – MAY 14, 2018

Ontario needs an evidence-based strategy to expand housing supply


Outdated bylaws hinder home-building projects

THE STAR – MAY 1, 2018

Government levies push up cost of new homes in GTA


It’s time to repair the delays in getting home renovation permits and approvals

THE STAR – APRIL 28, 2018

Short supply keeps GTA new-construction home prices high in March

THE STAR – APRIL 24, 2018

Toronto’s expected population boom will need to see houses built fast

THE STAR – APRIL 21, 2018

Outdated bylaws impede building growth in GTA

THE STAR – APRIL 14, 2018

Why a growing city like Toronto needs housing, infrastructure

THE STAR – APRIL 7, 2018

Public Housing concerns that municipal candidates need to listen to

THE STAR – MARCH 31, 2018