Build for Growth

In The GTA 2018

Housing affordability has become a significant challenge in our region—not enough new housing is being built to meet demand in the GTA.

In October municipal elections will be held across the GTA. Housing affordability and availability are key issues that must be considered this year.

Municipal governments play a significant role in setting the conditions that make it possible to add new housing, and update and renovate homes. If they do not take steps to correct this problem housing costs could become even more of a challenge for many residents of the GTA.

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Around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), there is a lot of discussion about housing affordability and availability. People are concerned about where young families and first-time home buyers will live, or if they will be able to afford to live in the GTA at all.

Underlying all of these discussions is a simple fact – there is simply not enough new housing being built to meet demand in the GTA, increasing prices and making affordability a challenge for many.

Demand for housing in the GTA is high. 9.7 million people will live in the GTA by 2041. That’s 115,000 new residents per year and housing them require 50,000 new homes to be built every year.

Only 38,000 homes were built last year in the GTA This shortfall was not unique to 2017. Why is there a supply shortage when demand is so high?

Some of the factors impacting the GTA housing supply are the layers of bureaucratic red tape and the outdated regulations that have stalled development times for new housing. In some cases, it can take up to a decade to get the necessary approvals to build housing. These barriers slow new housing supply and increase the price.

Price is further increased by the fees, taxes and charges added to new housing by all layers of government, negatively impacting affordability.

Practical steps can be taken to help fix the supply problem and improve affordability. Things like making sure the right infrastructure is in place that will support the development of new housing, modernizing outdated bylaws and cutting red tape. These forward steps will allow new projects to move forward at a faster pace.

Make your voice heard this municipal election by supporting municipal candidates who will make housing affordability and increasing housing supply a priority. Please take our pledge or send a letter to your local candidate.

Municipalities can make a difference to housing affordability. Together we can build better cities.

Take Action

Send a message to candidates in the municipal election—City Councils must address issues of affordability and housing choice in the GTA.

If we want to build more houses, faster, to increase affordability and availability, we should look at what can be done at the local level. Compared to all other layers of government, municipalities have the most direct influence over where new housing will go, what type it will be and the number of homes built.

We need local leaders who will ensure our neighbourhoods can reach their full potential and remain affordable, comfortable places to call home.


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